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Roof Damage

Insurance Claims Play by Play

Let's face it, there is never a good time to have a nasty wind or hailstorm blow through your neighborhood. If your roof, gutters, siding, paint or any other personal items get damaged, your insurance company should cover the cost to replace them and restore them. However, it’s essential that you understand the terms of your homeowner’s policy that can affect your claim approval and maximize your reimbursement. In general, most homeowner’s policies will cover the replacement of a roof that has been destroyed by wind damage, hail, fire, vandalism, lightning, and heavy snow, ice, and sleet. Down below are the steps to help you the process of what to do after a serious weather event. 

Roof Damage Inspection

The Inspection

Step 1

Have your property inspected by a Prestige representative. 


After the inspection. Your rep will provide you an inspection report and photos of any damage done to your property. 

The Call

Step 2

Call the Claims Department at your insurance company. You many not need your policy number. Your Claim handler may be able to look up your policy info by your address or the phone number associated with the policy. 


They may ask you how you know your property is damaged. Let them know that a Prestige Exterior team member  inspected your roof and you would like to file a claim. Write down the claim number at the end of the call  and provide it to your representative.  

Roof Inspection consultation
Adjuster Appointment Roof  Inspection

The Adjuster Appointment

Step 3

Call your Prestige Exterior Representative with your claim number and relay any info about your adjuster appointment that you may have received.  It is our goal to make sure that you are approved for all of the damages related to the storm for your property. 

After your claim has been approved, your adjuster will prepare an initial estimate for the project. Prestige will negotiate with your insurance company to reach an agreeable price ensuring that you will not have any other costs outside of your insurance deductible.

Material Selection

Step 4

After your project has been approved your rep will schedule a time to sit down with you and go over the project. During this meeting we will determine the scope of work and what materials work best for your project. 

Roofing Materials
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