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Residential Roof Replacement is our specialty

Our team consist of manufacturer trained Roofing Contractors that provides ideal solutions to fit customer needs  and take into account geographical specific systems. These systems are critical for long term waterproofing of your residence. Prestige also works with multiple lenders to provide financing for your project replacement needs.

Clients should call us to discuss the ways that you can pay for or finance your Project needs. There are many variables and factors involved when financing a project. Credit score, Debt to income ratios and other factors are involved in the decision to lend. Don't let money hold you back from taking care of the maintenance on your home. We have ways to help you with your residential roof replacement needs. 

Signs You Need to Call Prestige

Why Choose Prestige?

Prestige Exteriors is dedicated to serving the single-family and residential roofing needs of homeowners. Our services include free roof inspections, free hail and wind storm damage assessments, and removal and replacement of asphalt roofs in or around the Denver and Atlanta metro areas. We work with all insurance companies in cases of storm damage.


Our team has over 7+ years of dealing with Hail and wind claims. We have successfully closed over 500 projects from start to finish. 


Prestige is an BBB A+ Accredited business with dozens of 5 star reviews for reference. 


We work with a variety of different installers to insure that we put on the materials that best fit your project needs. GAF, IKO, Certaintied are just a few or our Roofing partners.



Prestige has some of the most aggressive warranties in the roofing industry. We offer a 10 year workmanship warranty with every roof that we install. This insures that your home is protected for years to come. 

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